Technical FAQ [SDK] What does webOS TV SDK contain? 23-Dec-2013

webOS TV SDK contains Command Line Interface (CLI) which is for generating/debugging/packaging a web app, IDE, Sublime pulgin, and emulatorRich documentation including API references, sample tutorials, and developer tool guides are provided in Develop.

Technical FAQ [SDK] Where can I download the webOS TV SDK? 23-Dec-2013

Go to SDK. Choose the proper SDK type and download it to your computer.

Technical FAQ [General] What types of applications can run on webOS TV? 23-Dec-2013

webOS TV supports the following app types: 

  • Web applications developed with standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Web applications developed with any web app framework such as Enyo, jQuery, etc. However, we recommend Enyo framework because

webOS TV already includes enyo core, that is you don't have to include enyo core, libraries, etc. in your app. Also, Enyo framework provides moonstone library for specific UI of webOS TV.

  • Second screen applications 
  • Web/second screen applications can request information to JavaScript services. 
  • NDK (Native Development Kit) is now provided to some partners and LG is planning to open it in public in the future.

For technical documents for each app type, see Develop.

Technical FAQ [General] What is the difference of the webOS TV and the NetCast platform? 23-Dec-2013

The NetCast platform is a platform loaded on LG Smart TVs released since 2011 and the webOS TV is a platform loaded on LG Smart+ TVs which is firstly launched in 2014. webOS TV is a web-centric platform that powers the LG SmartTV and designed with intuitive and simple yet elegant UX. Anyone with experience in building web applications can easily start developing web apps for webOS TV.


For discovering webOS TV, visit DISCOVER of this website.


For technical information on the NetCast platform, visit developer.lge.com.

Technical FAQ [General] What is webOS TV? 23-Dec-2013

webOS TV is a platform for LG Smart+ TV. LG firstly launches the webOS TV device during the first quarter of 2014.


For discovering webOS TV, visit DISCOVER of this website.

About Site How can I send an e-mail to the webOS TV Dev. Site? 31-Oct-2013

If you want to give us feedback about the materials on this website or need help with LG Developer services, contact us directly by email at developer@lge.com. We will try to respond to your email as soon as possible. 

About Site I am not sure I can develop webOS TV applications. Where should I begin? 31-Oct-2013

Visit DISCOVER menu.

Don't have the basic domain knowledge on webOS or webOS TV? This menu includes an overview, architecture and component description of webOS and webOS TV. Simple introduction for this webOS TV Developer Site is also provided.

  • Discover webOS TV
  • Tour of the webOS TV Developer Site
  • webOS TV Specification
About Site Why can’t I sign in on the webOS site? I cannot find the sign in menu. Is there a process to register or sign in? 31-Oct-2013

The LG Developer site has a registration and sign in process but the webOS Dev. Site does not. It’s open to everyone.

About Site How is webOS TV Dev.Site different from the LG Developer site? 31-Oct-2013

<p>webOS TV Dev. Site is mainly focused on webOS TV application’s technical resources and documents <span style="letter-spacing: 0px;">like SDK, and Development and Design Guides. LG Developer site is basically targeted for NetCast TV application’s s technical resources and documents like SDK, Development Guides, Design Guides, etc. Also, mobile handset related technical resources, related with Android, JAVA ME and QRemote are supported LG Developer site.</span></p>

About Site What services are provided on the LG Developer site? 31-Oct-2013

The LG Developer site offers developers information on how to create applications and content for both LG Smart TV and LG smartphones. Developers can download the LG Software Development Kits (SDK) and read the technical documentation that is needed to develop applications for LG Smart TV and LG smartphones. Developers can also ask questions and share information on application development with other developers on the Forums. The webOS TV Dev. Site has webOS TV-centric resources, including various Developer Documents, API Reference, webOS TV SDK, and News & Events.