About Site How is webOS TV Dev.Site different from the LG Developer site? 31-Oct-2013
webOS TV Dev. Site is mainly focused on webOS TV application’s technical resources and documents like SDK, and Development and Design Guides. LG Developer site is basically targeted for NetCast TV application’s s technical resources and…
About Site What services are provided on the LG Developer site? 31-Oct-2013
The LG Developer site offers developers information on how to create applications and content for both LG Smart TV and LG smartphones. Developers can download the LG Software Development Kits (SDK) and read the technical documentation that is needed…
About Site What is the webOS TV Dev.Site? 31-Oct-2013
webOS TV Dev. Site is an open place for people wanting to create webOS TV Applications. This site provides plenty of webOS TV technical resources and documents.