Form Checkbox

Form Checkbox is a control that can be toggled on/off. Form Checkbox is used in forms to indicate agreement to conditions.

Behaviours & States


Form Checkbox is a focusable and selectable control comprised of text and a circle. A checkmark denotes the selected state, while the absence of the checkmark indicates the unselected state.


Form Checkbox controls can either be independent or organized into groups. Individually, Form Checkbox controls can be selected and deselected independently of each other. When grouped, only one Form Checkbox control can be selected within the group. When a user selects another option, the first will automatically deselect and the second will be selected.


Normal (up/unpressed) The control is available for use and is not selected. There is no checkmark.

Focus (hover) The control has the current focus from the remote and is ready to be selected.

Selected (down/pressed) The control has been selected, a checkmark is displayed within the circle.

Deactivated (disabled) The control cannot be selected, the circle does not appear.


If the text within a Checkbox Form control is too long, the text will truncate with ellipsis and marquee (scroll) in the focus state. Since there is a dedicated space for the checkmark, there is no need to worry about the selected state truncating as with Checkbox Item.