Item / Selectable Item

Item is a control that is a text element that has associated actions.


Selectable Item is an Item that toggles selected state. When used in a group Selectable Items are mutually exclusive allowing only one to be selected.

Behaviours & States



An Item is a focusable and selectable control that usually displays simple text. Items can be independent or organized into groups. It can be used to create actions with text. For example, items can be used inline in a text area to create an inline link. 

Selectable Item

An Item becomes a Selectable Item with the addition of a selected state denoted by a left aligned circle.


Selectable Items are often organized into lists and groups for menu controls. In a list, Selectable Items can be selected and deselected independently. When grouped, only one Selectable Item can be selected within the group. When a user selects another option, the first will automatically deselect and the second will be selected. When in a group, the selection can be exclusive - only one item in group can be selected at a time.


Normal (up/unpressed) The control is available for use and is not selected.
Focus (hover) The control has the current focus from the remote and is ready to be selected.
Selected (down/pressed) The control has been selected. Both Selectable Item or Checkbox Item may have this state.
Deactivated (disabled) The control cannot be selected.