Radio Item Group

A Radio Item Group is a grouping of Radio Buttons, only one of which can be selected at a time. A Radio Item Group can also be used for selecting a view.

Behaviours & States


Radio Buttons within a Radio Item Group can be organized either horizontally or vertically depending on the space allotted; a Radio Item Group must have at least 2 items. Only one Radio Button can be selected within a Radio Item Group; a new selection unselects the previous selection.


Normal (up/unpressed) The Radio Button is available for use and is not selected.
Focus (hover) The Radio Button has the current focus from the remote and is ready to be selected.
Selected (down/pressed) The Radio Button has been selected.
Deactivated (disabled) The Radio Button cannot be selected.


The text dictates the width of the Radio Button but a fixed width can also be specified. In the event the text exceeds the fixed width, the text will truncate with an elipsis. While in the focus state, the text will marquee (scroll).


The height of the Radio Item Group is dictated by the number of buttons the group contains. The height can be fixed and scrolling can be used to reach the rest of the Radio Buttons in the group. Since this is single select and the user must weigh each choice against the other, this isn't advised as it makes it more difficult for the user to compare options within the Radio Item Group.


Radio Item Group