We do not restrict webOS TV apps to use the system fonts only, and you can adapt any fonts. Among all the font formats, we recommend WOFF and TTF. When using fonts, make sure to take full responsibility for any license and distribution requirements.

By default, webOS TV uses the Museo Sans font family. You might link fonts remotely to your app, but this is discouraged because the loading time of fonts is slow. 

See Managing Fonts and Resources for details.

Fonts in Apps

Museo Sans and MISO fontsIf you are building an app, we recommend that you use the following Latin script fonts. 

  • Museo Sans
  • MISO

If the app language is based on a non-Latin script, we recommend that you use the LG Display font.


System Fonts

webOS TV system uses the Miso and Museo Sans font family.

App Tile on Home Screen

Font usage of app tile on the Home screen

App Tile on Apps Screen

Font usage of app tile on the app screen

App Tile on Recent Screen

Font usage of app tile on the Recent screen

System Input                                           System Clock

Font usage of the system input       Font usage of the system clock