The Home screen provides information about the currently running app and access to apps, connected devices, and content search. The Home screen UI appears as an overlay on the current screen.

Home screen image with numbers indicating each UI component.

  1. My Content provides the list of user-added favorite content such as TV shows and movies. It may provide the content of LG Content Store depending on the country. It appears when you hover over the left side of the Home screen.

  2. My Channels provides the list of user-added channels for fast access to the most watched channels.

  3. Active Application Info displays the currently running app information on the screen.

  4. Global actions provide quick access to helper apps such as Search, Music Player, Input Picker, or Settings.

  5. Recent Card allows users to go back to the most recently used app quickly. Note that this is different from the currently running app.

  6. App tiles allow users to launch the apps or select the input sources instantly. You can navigate through the tiles by scrolling right and left.

  7. Background displays the currently running app. Clicking on the background take the app back to the full-screen view.