Enyo/Enact Guides

Technical resources (APIs, documents, tools and SDK) for developing Enyo/Enact apps are distributed on a separate website. The following table shows the supported Enyo/Enact version by your webOS TV version.

webOS TV Version Supported Enyo/Enact Version
webOS TV v4.0 Enact 1.13, Enyo 2.6.3, Enyo 2.5, Enyo 2.3
webOS TV v3.0 Enyo 2.6.3, Enyo 2.5, Enyo 2.3
webOS TV v2.0  Enyo 2.5, Enyo 2.3 
webOS TV v1.x  Enyo 2.3 
  • Enyo framework is not supported from webOS TV that will be released in 2019 (version number will be 4.5). However, if Enyo libraries and resources are packaged along with the app, it will be compatible for execution.
  • If you used Enyo resources of TV, you must package the resources along with the app or apply Enact, as Enyo is not included in the webOS TV that will be released in 2019. However, since Enact is supported from webOS 4.0, you must retain the Enyo app for webOS 1.x to 3.x.


Here are the links to the sampler and document for each Enyo/Enact version.

Framework Version Resource URL
Enact 1.x.x moonstone Library http://enactjs.com/docs/modules/moonstone/BodyText/
Document http://enactjs.com/docs/developer-guide/
Enyo 2.6.3-rc.8 Sampler http://enyojs.com/enyo-2.6.3-rc.8/sampler/dist/
Document http://enyojs.com/enyo-2.6.3-rc.8/docs/#/home
2.5.5-pre.8 Sampler http://enyojs.com/enyo-2.5.5-pre.8/sampler/
Document http://enyojs.com/enyo-2.5.5-pre.8/docs/#/home
2.3.0-rc.23 Sampler http://enyojs.com/enyo-2.3.0-rc.26/sampler/
Document Not available

For more information about Enact framework, visit here enactjs.com.

For more information about Enyo framework, visit the enyojs.com.