The previous models of LG Smart TV, before the year 2014, was based on the LG NetCast Platform, which provides the following services and features.

Services and Features

Premium Content

Premium delivers the most popular contents providers such as movies, sports, SNS, game, catch-up TV, and open IPTV. LG is building a vast selection of online content as it secures deals with some of the internet’s top service and content providers.

* Available services may vary in each country.


LG Apps

LG Apps is an online store for LG Smart TV where you can download Apps of diverse content including education, entertainment, lifestyle, and news. You can download and enjoy free Apps directly from devices supporting LG Smart TV Service. Magic Remote Control makes the process much easier and more fun.



Smartboard provides an organized user interface enabling easy & fast access to numerous features, TV programs & Apps for LG Smart TV as well.


Magic Remote Control

No more multiple clicks of up & down buttons! You can point and click buttons on the TV screen with Magic Remote Control, just like a wireless mouse. Also, with 2013 new Magic Remote Control, you can use Q-Voice feature to search contents or operate TV through your voice. One Magic Remote Control manages Set-top box, DVD, sound bar, TV, all together.


Smart Share

Devices connected to a NetCast Service Device using a USB port, DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) supported devices, and PCs with Media Link set-up are all of many products that support Smart Share.
MHL control, Miracast, WiDi and Tag-on features are all available for 2013 and 2014 LG Smart TV.


NetCast SDK Overview

Developing applications for LG Smart TV is familiar and easy.

LG Smart TV SDK (Software Development Kit) is a tool that provides developers with LG IDE, emulator, and related documents. Developers can easily implement applications for LG Smart TV using this SDK.

LG Smart TV SDK consists of the following components:

  • LG IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

  • LG Smart TV Emulator

  • LG Web API

  • Related Documents

Conceptual image of the NetCast SDK

  • IDE
    • Provides build environment for LG Smart TV apps
    • Creates a sample project and launch emulator
  • Doc and Sample
    • Provide SDK component usage guide and open API reference guide
    • Provide samples to show how to develop LG Smart TV apps
  • Open API Library
    • Provides interfaces to LG Smart TV to make useful apps related to media playback and TV control.
  • DTV Emulator
    • Emulates real LG Smart TV on to run apps
    • Verifies user's app without real LG TV