Download LG badge

Use the LG Smart TV badges for your app promotion.


Our badge is provided in PNG file format. It comes in 2 different styles - 2 different sizes in each style. Click the download link below to download all 4 badge images at once.

Default Grey bordered
LG_BADGE_817_242.png LG_BADGE_stroke_817_242.png

Available in: 135 x 40 (small), 817 x 242 (large)





Follow the guidelines below whenever using an LG Smart TV badge:

  • Use the badges as provided. Use them WITHOUT alteration.
    • Do not change the ratio of the badge.
    • Do not change the color of the shape of the badge elements.
    • Do not remove or rearrange the badge elements.
    • Do not attempt to make the badge into a 3D object.
    • Do not add a stroke/keylines/outlines to any part of the badge.
  • Make sure all the text in the badge is legible.