About Beanviser Releases

Version added 2016-10-09 22:24:00| Modified 21-Jun-2017

v1.0 (14-OCT-2016)


This is the first official release of Beanviser. Beanviser provides the following features:

Main Features

  • Provides Overview tab to show a summary of measurements. The summary can be exported as a PDF document.
  • Provides default views to show measurements of CPU and memory usage.
  • Provides a view for comparing measurement logs.
  • Provides CPU and memory usage of app you developed on webOS TV 3.0 (This feature is not supported on webOS TV 1.0 and 2.0)
  • Provides a menu to customize tab visibility and order.

Known Issues

  • Common

    • The process CPU overview table is not getting updated in real time.

    • The position of chart legends is not proper if length of app legends exceeds the chart width.

    • A loading icon is displayed continuously for process memory when repeating connect and disconnect

    • If devices are added more than 50, Beanviser can be crashed.

    • In any view, IMPORT button stays focused even after the file is imported 

    • Tool tip disappears when the navigation bar is used in COMPARE SYSTEM LOGS view.

    • The line of chart does not lose a focus when a mouse cursor is moved out from the line in the chart.

    • The log file, changed its name, cannot be loaded.

    • If the device name contains "$$" string, there will be a problem for connecting the device.

  • On Windows 7 64 bit:

    • Starting measurements on every views can make app crashing sometimes.

    • The time line of the Beanviser can be different with the time of OS.

  • On Windows 10 64 bit:
    • Abnormal peak values in CPU chart can be observed
  • On Linux 64 bit:
    • A part of tooltip displayed on right side, can be concealed by border line of Beanviser.
    • Do not display the appropriate mouse cursor share for some functionality such as size adjusting.