Installing SDK



To install webOS TV SDK, follow next steps:

  1. Download the proper Installer_{platform}.zip.
  2. To install with SDK package, download the webOS_SDK_{platform}.zip. If you want to install with Network Installer, you can skip this step.
  3. Extract Installer_{platform}.zip.
  4. Execute the installer.
    • If you are Windows user, go to the extracted folder and execute Installer.exe.
    • If you are Mac OS or Linux user, go to the extracted folder in terminal and execute the installer.
      sudo ./
  5. In INTRODUCTION step, click 'Agree' in license agreement and choose a destination folder. Then, click >.
  6. In SELECTION step, choose a source for the installation.
    • Network Installer: Installing SDK through network installation. If you chose Network Installer, choose components to install and and click >. Be sure that the network is connected during the installation.

    • SDK Package: Installing SDK through SDK package. The webOS_SDK_{platform}.zip file must have been downloaded in advance. If you choose SDK Package and open package file, 'Extraction in progress' popup appears asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasfnd shows the progress of extraction. After the extraction is finished, choose components to install and click >


      Using SDK package, you cannot choose the component 'Emulator v1.2.0' or 'Emulator v2.0.0' to install. You must use Network Installer to install them.

  7. In INSTALLING step, installation progress is displayed.
  8. When installation completes, click x.
  9. If you are using Mac OS or Linux, you must restart or re-login to your computer after installing the SDK. 
    Otherwise, functions of emulator, IDE, and Sublime plugin may not work normally.