Uninstalling SDK

To uninstall any of the weOS TV SDK components, follow the steps guided below.

  1. Go to SDK installation path and open Uninstall folder.
  2. Execute the Uninstaller.
    • If you are Windows user, execute Uninstaller.exe.
    • If you are Mac OS or Linux user, execute the Uninstaller in terminal.
      sudo ./Uninstall.sh
  3. In SELECTION step, see if 'Uninstall' is checked and click >.
  4. Select components to uninstall and and click >. Only selected components will be removed.
  5. When confirm prompt appears, click Yes. Note that you cannot cancel during the uninstallation.
  6. In UNINSTALLING step, uninstallation progress is displayed.
  7. When uninstallation finishes, click Close.