Configuring Target

An app developed in the IDE must be connected to any target device if you want to directly test your app on a target device. Once the IDE is installed, the emulator is configured as a default target device and displayed with the 'X' mark.

Target Configuration tab

You can connect (or remove if you add new target devices) the emulator manually from the right-click menu. Once the emulator is connected, the applications which are installed and running are listed. The listed applications can be selected to run, debug, uninstall or closed.

To add a target device:

  1. Click the New Connection button (New Connection icon).

  2. Select a device type and enter the information on the selected type.

  3. Click Finish. If the device is successfully added, the name is added to the Target Configuration list.

To add a new target with real TV, refer to App Testing on webOS TV.