Launching Your App

Before launching your web app, you must package and install your app on a target device. By clicking the Run Configurations or Debug Configurations menu, the following three steps will proceed one by one:

Step 1. Package

You can package your app in the following two modes:

  • Minify Mode

  • Non-minify Mode

Minify mode reduces the size of source codes when creating the package file. It adjusts and shrinks variable names and line spacing. It also merges multiple files into a single file to reduce the source code size and file loading time.

Non-minify mode skips the process of minifying source codes and creates a package file (.ipk).

The big difference between the minify mode and the non-minify mode is that the minify mode is used for launching; the non-minify mode is used for debugging.

Step 2. Install

Immediately after an application is packaged, the package file (.ipk) is installed on a selected target device.

Step 3. Launch

The installed application is launched automatically on the emulator.

The webOS TV emulator is a tool that provides you with a similar environment as the webOS TV on your computer. If you want to emulate your app before launching it on the webOS TV, running the application on the emulator is recommended first.

Following shows how to package, install, and launch your app in the webOS TV IDE with one step:

  1. In the IDE, select a project in the Project Explorer which you want to launch.

  2. Click webOS Menu > Run webOS Application from the menu.
    Or, you can launch a web application with the following ways:
    • Click Run > Run Configurations from the menu.
    • Click the toolbar icon (Run Configuration toolbar icon).

  3. Double-click webOS Application in the tree view on the left side of the window to create a new configuration.

  4. In the webOS tab, check an application name and select emulator as a target device in the list. The minify is selected by default as a packaging type.
    If the application name is not entered, click the Browse button to select an application.

  5. If you have service(s) to package with the app, follow the steps below. If not, skip this step.

    1. Click the Include Service Projects option in the Project Reference.

    2. Select the webOSService tab.

    3. Select the service(s) to package with the app.

  6. Then, click Run to launch your application in the emulator.

If the Run button is not activated, connect an IDE with the emulator. See Configuring Target on how to connect with the emulator. To launch your app, you must launch the emulator on your computer in advance.

You can launch or close a web application on Launcher and App Manager of the emulator. Refer to App Testing on webOS TV to install the package file on a real TV.