[App Packaging] How can I set the deploy.json?

Date : 2015-01-29
Category : Technical FAQ

If you want to make an Enyo app for webOS TV and also want to add your own library (except the original Enyo libraries) which is developed by you, you can add the special library in the “lib” folder in the root directory of the webOS template. Also in some cases you may need to add your own asset files such as image or video. To add your own resource like libraries and asset files, you should create a deploy.json file for your app deployment. Because the deploy.json file is not generated automatically when you download webOS Bootplate, you should create the file as below template.

    "enyo": "./enyo",
    "packagejs": "./package.js",
    "assets": ["./app_bg_1920x1080.png", "./app_bg2_1920x1080.png",
                "./appinfo.json", "./icon.png", "./largeIcon.png",
                "./index.html", "./assets"],
    "libs": ["./lib/moonstone", "./lib/layout", "./lib/spotlight"]

If the deployment files and directories are right, a “resources” folder should be added under “root\lib\moonstone” directory as below image though there is no file inside the resources folder.



You can also notice that the deploy.json file can be replaced with the asset property of appinfo.json file. For your deep understanding about the folder structure and app deployment, you also refer to Code Samples.