[General] What types of applications can run on webOS TV?

Date : 2013-12-23
Category : Technical FAQ

webOS TV supports the following app types: 

  • Web applications developed with standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Web applications developed with any web app framework such as Enyo, jQuery, etc. However, we recommend Enyo framework because

webOS TV already includes enyo core, that is you don't have to include enyo core, libraries, etc. in your app. Also, Enyo framework provides moonstone library for specific UI of webOS TV.

  • Second screen applications 
  • Web/second screen applications can request information to JavaScript services. 
  • NDK (Native Development Kit) is now provided to some partners and LG is planning to open it in public in the future.

For technical documents for each app type, see Develop.