Interacting with Apps

Closing Apps

You can terminate apps that are running in the foreground and the Recent at any time. ​To close an app, click the "X (close)" button to terminate the app. The following images show how to close apps on webOS TV 5.0.

The app close button on the top right of the screen

Alternatively, hover over one of the Recent tiles in the Recent Preview area. The "X (close)" button appears on the top of the tile. Click the "X (close)" button to terminate the app.

The app close button on the top of the Resents tile.

Deleting Apps

You can remove apps in the installed list from the webOS TV in Edit Mode. Long press the app tile to start Edit Mode and once clicking an "X" button, then the confirmation asks you again to remove the selected app. If selecting yes, you can delete the chosen app. The following images show how to delete apps on webOS TV 5.0.

The app delete button in Edit Mode