Magic Remote

The LG Smart TV is boxed with one of the two following remote control units:

  • Magic Remote Control Unit allows for free pointing and clicking, as well as standard 5-way controls. Voice input and universal remote functionality are also provided. 

  • Conventional Remote Control Unit allows for standard 5-way controls, with additional physical keys as shortcuts to commonly used actions.

Magic Remote Control

Image of Magic remote control


App Usage

Power, Volume, Mute, Voice

General system functions

Channel +/-


Smart Home (Icon image of Smart Home)

Returns to Home Screen




Scrolls content on hover

Navigation - Up

Moves focus to up

Navigation - Right

Moves focus to the right

Navigation - Down

Moves focus to down

Navigation - Left

Moves focus to the left

BACK (Icon image of back button)

  • Short press: Returns to the previous panel, or returns to the Home screen if there is no previous page.

  • Long press: Returns to the last input mode.

Color Buttons: 
Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

Customizable by the app

The following remote keys are available:

Button Keycode
Left 0x25
Up 0x26
Right 0x27
Down 0x28
OK 0x0D
Back 0x1CD
Red 0x193
Green 0x194
Yellow 0x195
Blue 0x196

Basic Pointer Actions

  • Pressing Up, Down, Left, or Right key, while a pointer is active, will switch remote into 5-way modes.

  • In a 5-way input, the pointer function will be disabled.

Basic Key Actions


Performs the function mapped to the key.

  • OK: Select an on-screen UI element.

  • Back key: Returns to the previous page or the system Home. 

  • Number keys: Enter a character (numbers or letters).

  • Arrow keys: move left, right, up or down.

Press and hold

  • The alternate key function is performed. 

  • e.g. Pressing the arrow keys in a list will accelerate the scrolling speed. 


Scroll up or down the content.

Back Behavior

Web apps can control the behavior of the remote's [Back] button. You can map the [Back] button to navigate the previous webpages or go to Home UI. Once the app is done handling the [Back] button, webOS TV will take over the behavior of the [Back] button. For more details, see Back Button.

As described at the top of this article, remote controls have two navigation modes, pointer, and 5-way modes.
  • Pointer mode:
    The remote control works similarly to a mouse (or, we prefer to refer to a wand). You can point or select items, or scroll up or down using the wheel. You can use the standard JavaScript events for the mouse, such as the onmouseover event and the onclick event.

  • 5-way mode:
    The arrow (Up, Down, Left, and Right) and the Enter keys are the major function keys in this mode. The scroll wheel is also active.

Here are additional tips and information about the navigation modes:
  • Pressing any of the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, or Right) while using pointer mode will switch the navigation mode to 5-way mode.

  • Shaking the magic remote while in 5-way mode will switch the navigation mode to Pointer mode.

  • When the magic remote is in 5-way mode, the cursor will not be displayed on the screen. In Pointer mode, the cursor is displayed on the screen. You can check the cursor visibility with the cursorStateChange event.

  • The LG Smart+ TV's primary input mode is Pointer mode but all apps MUST also support 5-way mode. Developing functions that do not support the "5-way" input should be avoided.

  • The Moonstone library supports both Pointer mode and 5-way modes of LG remote control.

  • While the overlay type system UI such as Launcher or Settings menu is displayed on the screen, apps cannot receive the pointer events. You can check it using the onblur event and the onfocus event from your app.

Refer to Remote Control sample app to find out how to customize the behavior of specific keys on the remote control.