Virtual Keyboard

webOS TV provides the system keyboard which is automatically displayed on the webOS TV screen if you let your cursor in the text window. The system keyboard is called the virtual keyboard for webOS TV. The virtual keyboard is the primary text input method for the webOSTV app, and you can customize it as the following types.

  • Text (Default)

  • Number

  • E-mail

  • URL

To check the UI of each virtual keyboard type, see Virtual Keyboard.

Setting the Input Type for the Virtual Keyboard

Before starting to use the virtual keyboards, you should know that the virtual keyboard is always enabled and cannot be disabled. To set the virtual keyboard on webOS TV as you want, add the HTML5 input tag as below.

	<input type=”text”>
	<input type=”number”>
	<input type=”email”>
	<input type=”url”>


For your understanding about the virtual keyboard, you can download the sample code and its IPK file at the below link for free.

Download this sample app

Result in the webOS TV Emulator

You can launch and see the sample app result in the webOS TV Emulator as below image.

The result image of the sample app

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do test this sample app on your webOS TV emulator and real webOS TV.

  • Don’t test this sample app on your PC browser because it is impossible to see the webOS TV virtual keyboard on the browser.