Build Your First App for webOS TV

Web apps are written using HTML with copious amounts of CSS and JavaScript for style and functionality. Any modern web browser can deliver this type of apps to users.  Web apps on webOS TV are given access to the same hardware and OS features typically available to native apps.

Web apps built for webOS TV are very similar to standard web apps. Like the standard web applications, you can create web apps for webOS TV using standards-based web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Anyone with experience in building web applications can easily start developing web apps for webOS TV.

To create an app using the CLI, install webOS TV SDK first. For more information about installing the SDK, see Downloading Installer.

Now, create your app using the CLI.

  1. Run the webOS TV CLI.

  2. Create a new app with the basic web app template and type your app id, title, and version.

    ares-generate -t basic first-app
    ? app id
    ? title singlepane
    ? version 0.0.1
    Generating basic in C:\webOS_TV_SDK\CLI\bin\first-app

    Now you can continue developing and testing your app.

  3. Package your app from the app directory. If the app is packaged successfully, you can see the created .ipk file.

    ares-package first-app
  4. Run the webOS TV Emulator.

  5. Install your app to the emulator. Be sure to use the correct file name for your package.

  6. Launch your app on the emulator.


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