Supported Web API

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the core web technologies to build web pages or web applications. HTML presents the structure of the pages or the application using markup and CSS formats the contents written in HTML such as colors, layouts, font, etc. JavaScript is a programming language for the web which has been standardized in the ECMAScript. Using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, you can develop web applications in webOS TV.

webOS TV 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

We provide specification charts that list methods, attributes, and events of HTML5, properties of CSS3, and features of JavaScript (ECMAScript features) which are currently supported by webOS TV and the webOS TV emulator. Note that two different engines are used for the internal web browser and web apps on webOS TV 1.0 and 2.0. Thus, we recommend that you check whether those APIs run as you expected on webOS TV or the emulator.
Download the Supported Standard Web APIs file.

webOS TV 4.0 and above

From webOS TV 4.0, we do not provide the charts any longer. Instead, we let you know web engines and its versions used on webOS TV. We believe that you can figure out the supported scope of the web API based on web engines' information.