Comparison with NetCast

webOS TV is a new LG Smart TV platform which has advantages developers can make the use of. The following describes differences between LG Smart TV platforms, webOS TV and NetCast, so that developers can easily compare.     

Benefits of webOS TV, compared with NetCast, are listed below:

  • Supports multitasking

  • Supports key-value based (no-SQL) DB

  • Supports JavaScript service development based on Node.js

  • Supports enhanced HTML5

  • Supports Enyo Framework

webOS TV vs. NetCast Comparison


webOS TV


Device release 

webOS TV is a platform loaded on LG Smart+ TVs released since 2014.

See Web Engine and Supported Media and DRM format.

NetCast is a platform loaded on LG Smart TVs released from 2011 (NetCast 2.0) to 2015 (NetCast 4.5).

See NetCast platform and device specifications.

App resolution

1920x1080: FHD resolution (Default value)
1280x720: HD resolution

1280 x 720 (recommended)

App metadata

The appinfo.json file is required for app packaging.

No specific app metadata file is needed.

App packaging

Apps should be packaged into IPK format by using CLI ares-package command. The app package should have app package assets required in webOS TV.

No specific packaging tool is needed. The app project should be compressed into ZIP format.

SDK components 


  • CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • VirtualBox-based Emulator

  • Eclipse-based IDE

  • Plugin for Sublime Text

NetCast SDK

  • Eclipse-based IDE

  • VirtualBox-based Emulator

Virtual keyboard

Supported in System UI.

You cannot use the NetCast-based virtual keyboard library on webOS TV.

If you want to deploy NetCast app including virtual keyboard library to webOS TV, you should update the Virtual Keyboard library to the latest version to be used on the webOS TV. 

Back key behavior

Uses standard web technology as back key behavior. See Back Button.

Uses window.NetCastBack() method which implements the back function to the previous NetCast menu.


Standard Web API (HTML5/CSS3)

[ HTML5 ]

 - Audio & Video 

 - Communication

 - Canvas

 - SVG

 - Offline Web Application

 - Web Storage

 - Indexed DB

 - User Interaction

 - Web Workers

 - WebGL

[ CSS3 ]

- Static CSS: Backgrounds, 

  Borders and Outline, Box, Colors, Columns, 

  Flexible Box, Text, Fonts, User Interface, 

  Media Queries, Selectors

- Dynamic CSS: Transforms, Transitions, Animations


Luna Service API

 - ActivityManager

 - Application Manager

 - Audio

 - Camera

 - Connection Manager

 - Database

 - Device Unique ID

 - DRM

 - In-App Purchase
   (deprecated on July first, 2016)

 - Media Database

 - Magic Remote

 - Settings Service

 - System Service

 - TV Device Information

Standard Web API (HTML5/CSS3)

[ HTML5 ]

 - Audio & Video

 - Communication

 - Canvas

 - SVG

 - Offline Web Applications

 - Web Storage

 - User Interactions

 - Web Workers

[ CSS3 ]

 - Static CSS: Background and Borders, Box, 

   Color, Columns and Multi Column Layout, 

   Flexible Box, Text

 - Dynamic CSS: Transforms, Transitions, Animations

Web Open API

 - NetCast API

 - Media Player Plugin and API

 - Device Info Plugin and API

 - Advertisement API

 - Voice Recognition Plugin and API

 - AppToApp Plugin and API

 - Membership Plugin and API

 - Sound Plugin and API

 - DRMAgent Plugin and API

 - Media Device NetCast API

 - Image Viewer Framework API

 - Media Plugin Video Player Framework API

 - Billing Plugin and API
   (deprecated on July first, 2016) 

 API compatibility 

The NetCast Web Open APIs are not compatible with webOS TV.

To make your app compatible with any LG Smart TV, we recommend you to develop your app with standard web technologies. 

The Luna Service APIs are not compatible with NetCast platform.

To make your app compatible with any LG Smart TV, we recommend you to develop your app with standard web technologies.

Required documents for app submission

See "Required Documents for Application Submission to LG Seller Lounge" at UX Checklist. App checklists for webOS TV application are now being updated.

See "Required Documents for Application Submission to LG Seller Lounge" at Technical Note

App distribution

Submit your app on Seller Lounge.