Using Portrait Mode

This feature is in its beta phase.

This guide shows how to turn on the portrait mode and explains how it works.

Turn on Portrait Mode

You can turn on the portrait mode on the menu bar or using the special key on the bottom of the RCU.

On the menu bar

On the menu bar, select Action > Orientation > portrait.

webOS TV Simulator enable portrait mode - menu.png

Using the special key

On the bottom of the RCU, click portrait.

webOS Tv Simulator enable portrait mode - special key.png

You cannot select reversed_landscape and reversed_portrait on the RCU. Go to the menu bar to use those modes.

How Portrait Mode Works

When the portrait mode is turned on, 

  • webOSSystem.screenOrientation is changed, and
  • screenOrientationChange event occurs.
Even if the orientation is changed to portrait, the orientation of the Simulator itself does not change.

If an app requests change of orientation using webOSSystem.setWindowOrientation, the orientation of the actual app layout changes. For more details about the portrait mode, see Portrait Mode.