Using RCU

This guide shows the layout of RCU and explains the function of the buttons on it.

RCU Layout

The screen shot of the simulator RCU


Numbers, Colors, Directions, OK, and Back 

These buttons use the same key code of buttons on a real RCU device. Apps can handle these key events.


If this Home button is clicked while an app is running, the screen switches back to the main screen. At the time, the app stays hidden, not terminated, in the background.

Functional Buttons

Functional buttons on the bottom do not exist on a real RCU device. These are only on the Simulator for development convenience.

  • App: Launching an app  (same as MenuFile > Launch App )

  • Service:  Adding a service (same as MenuFileAdd Service)

  • Inspector: Turning on or off the Inspector for the app

  • Close: Closing an app (same as MenuFileClose App)