Using Touch Mode

This feature is in its beta phase.

This guide shows how to turn on the touch mode and describes available touch gestures. 

Turn on Touch Mode

You can turn on the touch mode on the menu bar or using the special key on the bottom of the RCU.

On the menu bar

On the menu bar, select Action > Touch Mode.

webOS TV Simulator enable touch mode - menu.png

Using the special key

On the bottom of the RCU, click Touch.

webOS Tv Simulator enable touch mode - special key.png

Touch Gestures

If the touch mode is enabled, a click with the mouse functions as a touch on the screen.

Basic gestures

Upon a click with the mouse, a different event depending on the value of supportTouchMode in appinfo.json is delivered to the app. A short touch is also available (A touch held for about 200ms or shorter is considered a short touch). For more details, see Touch Screen.


A swipe from the edge of the window triggers a specific action as if a swipe on the device.

A swipe down from the top does not trigger any action.

Touch remote

Touch remote is also available.

webOS Tv Simulator touch remote.png