Connecting to Target Device

To use Beanviser on a target device, you must first add the target device on Beanviser and then connect to that device as follows:

  1. Launch Beanviser.

  2. Click the Configuration button (...) to get a list of available devices. The Configuration button

    As the emulator is a basic device for testing, Beanviser has the emulator in its device list by default. In case you accidentally delete the emulator from the list, follow the steps given below to add the emulator again.

    If you already have the targets added by using IDE or ares-setup-device, Beanviser will show you the added targets automatically. 

  3. Click the + button and provide the following details of the target device:

    1. Name - Enter a name for the device. Choose a name that can easily identify the device.

    2. Host

      • TV device: IP address of the TV device.

      • Emulator:

    3. Port

      • TV device: 9922

      • Emulator: 6622

    4. Username

      • TV device: prisoner

      • Emulator: developer

    You do not need to enter the Password and PrivateKey. When you use real TV, enable the Developer Mode before connecting the target.

  4. To connect to a target device, select it from the device list and click the Connect button. The emulator setting items and Connect button

  5. You can now measure the performance of your app. Click the START button on the relevant tab.