App Approval Process

Once you complete development of your app, the next step is to submit the app to get approval for sale on the store. The purpose of this approval process is basically to secure the quality of apps to be sold and installed on customers' webOS TV devices.

The app approval process involves the following three stages.

webOS TV App Approval Process
  1. Submission
    You submit your app to LG Seller Lounge. There are some information you need to submit with your app, including documents like a UX scenario and self checklist.
  2. Testing
    LG performs QA testing of your app. If the app fails the test, it will be rejected and sent back to you with the listed issues that need to be fixed. After fixing the issues, you should re-submit the modified app again for testing.
  3. Approval
    If your app finally passes the test, the app is launched on LG Content Store for sale to customers.


This is a stage where you submit your app on LG Seller Lounge to get approval for sale and become a seller. LG Seller Lounge is a channel than enables developers to go through the app approval process. In this subsection, we will focus on what and how you prepare for app submission, rather than on what and how you actually do on LG Seller Lounge. For detailed information about LG Seller Lounge, see App Ecosystem and LG Seller Lounge.

In addition to app files, including app package file (IPK) and other images, there are some documents that you need to prepare for submission.

  • UX scenario
    The UX scenario will be a reference for LG testers to test your app. The more accurate the information, the more likely the testers understand how your app works. So we recommend that you fill in this document as accurate and in detail as possible. For more information or to download the template, visit LG Seller Lounge.
  • Self-checklist
    webOS TV provides an app checklist for self evaluation of your app. It is mandatory to upload this checklist filled with your app's actual test results, and if you don't use this form or the information in it is not sufficient, the app will be rejected. For summary of this list or to download the checklist, see App Self Checklist.


In this stage, LG tests your app to make sure that the app meets the set criteria. It performs pretest to check the validity of the submitted app information, function test to examine if the app works as expected without errors, and content test to rule out any possibility of containing inappropriate content.


If your app passes the QA testing, there is nothing much you need to do. Your app will be launched on LG Content Store and wait for customers to find and download.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though your app is once approved, that doesn't mean its updates or later versions are too. If there is any change to the app after being approved, the change has to go through a separate approval process to be available for sale. Unless, it can be removed from the store without notice.

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