App Ecosystem

webOS TV has a well-organized app ecosystem that enables developers to develop and sell their apps in an efficient and effective manner and that allows customers to easily get a variety of quality apps.

App ecosystem

The webOS TV app ecosystem is composed of:

  • LG Developer; it offers a collection of knowledge and tools, including API, for app development.
  • LG Seller Lounge; it guides app developers to go through app submission, approval, and registration for sale to become sellers.
  • LG Content Store; it is a portal for users to unlimited premium content and apps.
webOS TV App Ecosystem

LG Seller Lounge

LG Seller Lounge is the channel where developers who have finished developing their apps submit the apps for approval. Each submitted app goes through the QA process by LG and if approved, the app will be launched on LG Content Store.

Seller registration

Developers visiting LG Seller Lounge are called sellers because they are going to sell their apps soon. There are two types of sellers on LG Seller Lounge.

  • Individual Seller: Sellers who sign up under a personal name to submit and sell apps
    ※ Seller name displayed as “Seller ID” in the LG Smart World/LG Content Store/Content Store/Apps
  • Corporate Seller: Sellers who sign up under a licensed business title to submit and sell apps.
    ※ Seller name displayed as “Company Name” in the LG Smart World/LG Content Store/Content Store/Apps

The following diagram describes how you register yourself as a seller to LG Seller Lounge. For more details about the registration process, refer to Seller Registration.

LG Seller Lounge seller registration process

App approval

Once you are registered as a seller, you can submit your app for approval, ultimately for sale, on LG Seller Lounge. The submitted app is tested by LG in three categories, pretest, function test, and content test, and if approved, the app will go live on LG Content Store.

To accelerate this approval process, evaluate your app thoroughly with the self checklist, because the self checklist is based on the test criteria used in QA processing.
LG Seller Lounge app approval process

LG Content Store

LG Content Store is a portal for users to unlimited premium content and apps. Users can access the LG Content Store by simply pressing the Home button on the remote control and find and download all the content and apps they want for webOS TV.

It is available in 17 different languages and accessible in 36 countries across the world, and it provides apps in five categories, game, entertainment, life, education, and news/info, and shows recommendations, like most popular apps, on the main screen.

LG Content Store app approval process
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