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[Virtual Keyboard] FAQ on Virtual Keyboard

Category: Technical FAQ

Q1. Can I set the virtual keyboard on webOS to be disabled?

No, the virtual keyboard cannot be disabled.

Q2. Can I use my own keyboard instead of using the virtual keyboard on webOS?

Sure. In this case, a developer must implement your own keyboard without using input tag because using input tag will automatically invoke webOS virtual keyboard. Also, keyboard arrays, key mapping, and event handling should be developed. Some features like voice recognition may be restricted for use. When implementing your own keyboard, it is recommended to have different layouts for different input types as it is implemented in webOS TV Virtual Keyboard.

Q3. How many languages can the virtual keyboard provide?

The virtual keyboard has a Language button on the top left. The languages can be set up to 5 including the local language and English by clicking on SETTINGS icon.

Q4. Can I use the virtual keyboard library provided by the NetCast platform on the webOS platform?

No. The NetCast-based virtual keyboard library cannot be used on the webOS platform. If using it on the webOS platform, webOS APIs and the features like voice recognition and HID can malfunction.

Q5. I have a plan to deploy the NetCast app to the webOS TV. But the NetCast app has included the virtual keyboard library. In this case, can the virtual keyboard library operate properly on webOS TV?

Yes. But the NetCast-based virtual keyboard library should be updated to the latest version to be used on the webOS platform. If you do not update to the latest virtual keyboard library, you may not use a few features such as voice recognition and HID keyboard and etc. on webOS TV.

Click here to download the latest version of virtual keyboard library and guide.