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[Security] Termination of GlobalSigns R1 certificate.

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There has been an announcement from GlobalSign certificate authority regarding R1 deprecation and migration scheme to R3 and R5.

GlobalSign SSL Products Intermediate and Root Changes

This means that the R1 certificate will be no longer issued when it comes to be renewed after 27th. May 2019 instead it will be replaced with R3 and R5.

We had compatibility concern with old legacy smart TVs when R1 has been replaced by R3 or R5 therefore deduced simulation test with the following results.

Case 1. R1 replaced with R3

We had the best result and no compatibility issues in this case

Case 2. R1 replaced with R5

Some old legacy Netcast models have compatibility issues but okay with entire webOS TVs.

Alternatively, some partners configure their server by combining between R3 and R5 certificate as below and we have no compatibility issue in this scenario.

Case 3. R3 combine with R5

Server configuration – When the device supports ECDSA cipher suite, it refers to R5 otherwise R3.

In summary, if your server has the R1 certificate from GlobalSign and about to renew then please consider LG’s stance.

We prefer Case 1 and alternative Case 3 rather than Case 2.

We appreciate your cooperation in advance and directly contact if you have any other technical inquiries.