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[Audio] I hear no sound when I play content on webOS TV 5.0

Category: Technical FAQ

webOS TV 5.0 supports the AudioTrack API that mutes and unmutes an audio track. If your app does not play a sound while your content is playing, you should check whether to set the AudioTrack API correctly.

If you set the enabled property of the API to false, the audio is muted. To play the selected audio track, you MUST set the enabled property to true. The following example shows how to set the property to true.

var video = document.getElementById("video");
video.audioTracks[0].enabled = true;

You can check the value of the enabled property on the browser console as below.

> video.audioTracks[0].enabled 
< true

For more information and examples about the AudioTrack API, refer to the MDN documentation AudioTrack.