Technical FAQ [Audio] How to play multi-sound in my app? 14-Oct-2014
See Playing multi-sound for detailed guidance and sample code.
Technical FAQ [General] Is there a method to receive Back key event in my app? 06-Oct-2014
There is no method for receiving Back key event in webOS TV app. In webOS TV, "BACK" button in remote control unit generates the equivalent of a javascript:history.back() call. Therefore, you should use pushState() and…
Technical FAQ [webOS Service] Do I need any library when calling webOS services? 02-Jun-2021
Yes, you need webOSTV.js that is needed to be included in your app when calling webOS services. You can download the webOS library file from this website. Refer to the following articles. Using webOS API Services JS Service
Technical FAQ [Virtual Keyboard] FAQ on Virtual Keyboard 01-Aug-2014
Q1. Can I set the virtual keyboard on webOS to be disabled?No, the virtual keyboard cannot be disabled. Q2. Can I use my own keyboard instead of using the virtual keyboard on webOS?Sure. In this case, a developer must…
Technical FAQ [Emulator] Getting execution log of Emulator (for Windows 7) 11-Jul-2014
In case of Windows 7, you can get a execution log of emulator in the order below.  Go to the Emulator folder under the installation folder of webOS TV SDK. Default installation path of webOS TV SDK: C:\webOS_TV_SDK Open a rcu.ini file.…
Technical FAQ [General] Can I use web app framework other than Enyo for webOS TV? 02-Jul-2014
Yes, you can. However, we recommend Enyo framework other than different web app frameworks because webOS TV already includes enyo core, that is you don't have to include enyo core, libraries, etc. in your app. Also, Enyo framework provides…
Technical FAQ [General] How to check platform version of my TV? 25-Oct-2016
In LG Smart+ TV, go to Settings > Quick Settings > General > About this TV > webOS TV Version. 
Technical FAQ [General] Overall process of how to design, develop, and distribute an application for webOS TV 23-Dec-2013
If you are a beginner of web app development for webOS TV, see Getting Started in this website.
Technical FAQ [SDK] What does webOS TV SDK contain? 23-Dec-2013
webOS TV SDK contains Command Line Interface (CLI) which is for generating/debugging/packaging a web app, IDE, Sublime pulgin, and emulator. Rich documentation including API references, sample tutorials, and developer tool guides are provided in…
Technical FAQ [SDK] Where can I download the webOS TV SDK? 23-Dec-2013
Go to SDK. Choose the proper SDK type and download it to your computer.