Device Unique ID

Service URI - luna://

Provides app security and authentications services such as app signature verification. From webOS 3.0 or later platform device, you can use this security manager service for device identification/authentication API.


MethodDescriptionSupported in Emulator
deviceid/getIDsReturns device IDs that are provided by webOS TVNo



This API returns the device ID provided by the webOS TV. Currently,LGUDID (LG Unique Device ID) is supported.

LGUDID is generated using MAC as a seed, but it also uses the randomly generated UUID (Universally Unique ID). LGUDID is generated according to the UUID version 5 spec and uses MAC as a name and randomly generated UUID (version 4) instead of a namespace ID.

Important: Privacy Policy
Before you are using this API, you must get an agreement from the user for using their personal information.


idTypeRequiredString arrayArray of id types. Currently, "LGUDID" is allowed.
  • Example: ["LGUDID"]

Call returns

idListRequiredObject ArrayArray of device ID data (idType and idValue)

Error Code Reference

Error CodeError Code TextError Code Description
ERR.001Invalid ParametersInvalid parameter
ERR.002Security Manager Internal ErrorSecurity manager internal error
ERR.801Unsupported Device ID TypeUnsupported device ID type is given for deviceId/getIDs API


// Get system ID information
var request = webOS.service.request('luna://', {
  method: 'deviceid/getIDs',
  parameters: {
    idType: ['LGUDID'],
  onSuccess: function (inResponse) {
    console.log('Result: ' + JSON.stringify(inResponse));
    // To-Do something
  onFailure: function (inError) {
    console.log('Failed to get system ID information');
    console.log('[' + inError.errorCode + ']: ' + inError.errorText);
    // To-Do something

Return example

// Success return
  "idList": [
          "idValue": "095f142a-xxxx-ac5d-xxxx-92c8be18xxxx",
          "idType": "LGUDID"
  "returnValue": true

// Failure return
  "returnValue" : false
  "errorCode": "ERR.001",
  "errorText": "Invalid Parameters"

See also


idList object

The object that consists of idType and idValue.

  "idType": string,
  "idValue": string
idTypeRequiredstringDevice ID Type
idValueRequiredstringDevice ID Value
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