webOSTV.js Introduction

The webOSTV.js is a portable library to access TV-specific features and functionality for webOS TV. The webOSTV.js library provides a set of APIs for your app to use on webOS TV. To see how to use the webOSTV.js library, refer to sample codes.

This library is fully supported on webOS TV 4.0 or higher; however, methods of webOS API are compatible with the webOS.js library used on the previous versions of webOS TV.


webOSProvides methods compatible with the webOS.js library. Among methods of the webOS.js library, methods that are not executed on webOS TV are excluded.
webOSDevProvides methods of the library where new APIs, not included in webOS.js, are added.


DRMAgentProvides a class that represents a DRM agent. This class is used for managing DRM service in the webOSDev API.
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