Web apps can use any color of text, header, button, etc. However, if you want to make your app look and feel like webOS TV, we recommend using the colors in this guide. You can use these colors for other web apps as your preference.

Sandstone - dark theme

Considering the characteristics of LG TV's display panel, webOS TV uses dark theme. So If you are developing an app using the Sandstone library, the Sandstone dark theme is used by default.

Soul gray colors of webOS TVSandstone dark theme of webOS TV

Soul Gray

Considering the color characteristics of the TV panel, gray among LG Brand colors is designated as the primary color. We developed LG's unique 'Soul Gray' color by reflecting LG Brand Identity and design trends.

Sub 1


Sub 2


Sub 3


Functional color

The following four colors are used for functional purposes. Functional color uses colors that symbolize function according to social convention. The AI color uses the LG AI Agent logo color.