Home Screen

The Home screen provides information about hero banner, Q-cards, interesting apps and recommended content. The following image shows the Home screen of webOS TV 23.

Home screen of webOS TV 23

(1) Global Tab
Global tab provides the arranged icons on the top right corner of the screen, so that users can access the search, settings, notifications, and account more easily.

(2) Hero Banner
Hero Banner shows high-quality content to promote.

(3) Q-Card List
Q-cards not only allow users to watch TV but also use various services by theme. There are various service cards, such as home office, home hub, games, music, sports, tips, and Edit.

(4) Apps
Apps show more interesting apps to explore.

(5) Recommendations
Recommended or popular content based on the viewing history of the user account is displayed.

(6) Now Streaming
Now Streaming provides users with content provided by various content providers.

(7) LG Channels
LG Channels provide recommended channels and VODs.

(8) LG Shopping (the US only)
LG Shopping suggests shopping items for users.

(9) Editor’s Pick
Editor’s Pick provides the favorites VODs or apps categorized by the editors.

(10) Dynamic Category 1~2
Dynamic Category 1~2 provides the recommended content or apps.

(11) Life’s Good Hub
Life’s Good Hub provides the recommended services or apps.