Enyo and Enact Guide

Enyo and Enact are JavaScript frameworks designed to help developers create compelling interactive web apps. Technical resources (APIs, documents, tools, and SDK) for developing Enyo and Enact apps are distributed on the following websites:

The following table shows the supported Enyo and Enact versions by webOS TV Platform version.

webOS TV Platform versionSupported Enyo/Enact version
webOS TV 22Enact 4.0.9 (Sandstone 2.0.5)
webOS TV 6.0Enact 3.4.9 (Sandstone 1.4.6)
webOS TV 5.0Enact 3.2.5
webOS TV 4.xEnact 1.13
Enyo 2.6.3, Enyo 2.5, Enyo 2.3
webOS TV 3.xEnyo 2.6.3, Enyo 2.5, Enyo 2.3
webOS TV 2.0 Enyo 2.5, Enyo 2.3 
webOS TV 1.0Enyo 2.3 
Important: Enyo framework support
  • The Enyo framework is not supported on webOS TV released in 2019 (webOS TV 4.5) and later. However, if you want to keep using the Enyo framework, package Enyo libraries and resources into your app.
  • Because Enact is supported from webOS TV 4.0, you must retain Enyo-based apps for webOS TV 1.x to 3.x.

Here are the links to documents for Enact.