StanbyME Overview

The StanbyME model based on the webOS TV 6.0 platform allows users to rotate the TV screen and control the display by touch. As a developer, you should implement the following features in your app to make sure it works properly on the StanbyME model.


The StanbyME model has released in 2021 in Korea. This model will be released worldwide.

Picture of the StandbyME model


Before start developing a new app or modifying the existing app for the StanbyME model, you should keep in mind its differences from the conventional LG TV devices.

No color keys in remote controller unit

The remote control of the StanbyME model does not have color keys, so we recommend that you design your app not to use color keys.  Although users can use the general TV remote controller through the menu settings or use the Touch Remote interface to input color keys, our recommendation is still not using color keys in your app.

Touch Remote interface

For the StanbyME model, we provide the Touch Remote interface that enables users to control apps that do not support the touch event.

Touch Remote Interface Images

The Touch Remote interface consists of the following buttons.

Arrow button image of touch remote interface

Arrow and OK buttons. When a user touches and holds one of these buttons, the input of the button is continuously processed.

  • 4 Arrows: Move focus
  • OK: Select/Execute

Back button. This button has the same function as the Back button of Magic Remote. When a user touches this button, the app returns to the previous page. If there is no previous page, a popup asking whether to exit the app is displayed.

Quick setting button of touch remote interfaceQuick Settings button. This button executes the settings menu.
Home button of touch remote interface

Home button. This button lets the screen returns to the Home screen.

More action button of touch remote interface

More actions button. This button executes the More Actions menu.

Color key buttons of touch remote interface

Color key buttons. These buttons execute customizable features by the app.


The Touch Remote interface does not support long press.

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