webOS CLI Installation

Follow the procedure below to install CLI.

System requirements

Check if the system requirements are met before starting installation. CLI may work even if they are not met but stability is not guaranteed.

Operating Systems

WindowsWindows 10 or higher (64bit only)
LinuxUbuntu 20.04 or higher (64bit only)
macOSmacOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher (64bit only)

Software Tools

  • Node.js (Recommended versions: 14.15.1 - 16.20.2)
  • npm

Prepare for installation

Uninstall the existing CLI

If you have installed webOS TV CLI or webOS OSE CLI, you first need to remove it using the following command before installing webOS CLI.

  • Uninstall webOS TV CLI
    1. Check if webOS TV CLI is installed using the ares -V command.
      If you see the version as in the following, you need to uninstall the existing CLI.
      $ ares -V
      webOS TV CLI Version: 1.12.4-j27
    2. Delete the installed CLI directory using the following command. (Replace "YOUR_PATH" with the path of the existing CLI directory.)
      - For Windows
      $ rmdir /S "C:\YOUR_PATH\webOS_TV_SDK\CLI"
      - For Linux or macOS
      $ rm -rf "/YOUR_PATH/webOS_TV_SDK/CLI"
  • Uninstall webOS OSE CLI
    $ npm uninstall -g @webosose/ares-cli

After uninstalling, check if any CLI doesn't exist with the ares -V command.

$ ares -V
ares: command not found

Install webOS CLI

CLI can be installed using Node Package Manager(npm). Execute the following command in a terminal, using the -g option to install the CLI globally.

$ npm install -g @webos-tools/cli
On Linux and macOS, EACCES permissions errors may occur after this operation. In such a case, manually change npm's default directory.

After installing, check if the if the version matches with the latest version of CLI npm package.

$ ares -V
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