VS Code Extension Installation

Caution: VS Code Extension Deprecation
We decided to no longer support VS Code Extension from March, 2024. We recommend that you use the webOS Studio instead.

This article guides you on installing the webOS TV extension for Visual Studio (VS) Code.



The extension provides the same functions as the CLI (Command Line Interface) does. Therefore, you must install the latest version of CLI and configure the CLI path in the environment variable (WEBOS_CLI_TV) before using it.

To configure the environment variable, see CLI Installation.

Chrome browser

To debug your apps using Web Inspector, you must install the compatible Chrome browser (or Chromium) with the webOS TV's Chromium browser on your PC. Some versions of the Chrome browser, however, might not work appropriately.

The following table shows the compatible Chrome version by webOS TV version with the download link.

webOS TV versionRelease year of webOS TVCompatible Chrome version for using Inspector
webOS TV 232023
  • Latest-version Chrome
webOS TV 222022
webOS TV 6.02021
webOS TV 5.02020
webOS TV 4.x2018-2019
webOS TV 3.x2016-2017
webOS TV 2.02015
webOS TV 1.02014

Installing webOS TV extension

To install the VS Code extension on VS Code, execute the following steps. You can also check the webOS TV extension at the Marketplace.

  1. Run VS Code.

  2. Bring up the Extensions view by clicking on the Extensions icon in the Activity Bar on the side of VS Code or the View: Extensions command (Ctrl+Shift+X).

  3. Search the 'webOS TV' extension and install it from the Marketplace.

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