Sublime Text Plugin Introduction

Caution: Sublime Text Plugin Deprecation

We have been decided to no longer support the Sublime Text plugin since 2022.  We recommend that you use the VS Code extension instead.

If you are a Sublime Text user, you don't have to change your favorite editor to write an app for webOS TV. Continue using Sublime Text but now with a plugin for webOS TV. To install the plugin, read the configuration guide.

If you are new to Sublime Text, this editor is available for free. However, a license needs to be purchased for stable and continuous use. If you do not wish to purchase the license key, not to worry. You can opt to use the eclipse IDE packaged in the webOS TV SDK instead.

Although we have put every effort to apply all the features of the SDK components on Sublime Text, not all the features are available on Sublime Text. Read on the next section to find what features you can use.

Note: Supported Sublime Text version

Currently, the plugin supports Sublime Text 2 only.

Supported features

The following table indicates what features are and are not supported on the Sublime Text Plugin.

CategoryFeatureSublime Text Plugin Support

Creating an app from templates. Check out available templates.

Creating JS service files.Supported
Creating an appinfo.json file.Supported
PackagePackaging an app in minify mode.Supported
Packaging an app in non-minify mode.Supported
Target DeviceAdding a target device (Emulator).CLI Only
Modifying a target device (Emulator).CLI Only
Removing a target device (Emulator).CLI Only
Install/UninstallInstalling apps on the emulator.Supported
Uninstalling apps on the emulator.Supported
ListListing target devices.Supported
Listing apps that are installed on the emulator.Supported
Listing apps that are running on the emulator.Supported
Launch/TerminateLaunching apps on the emulator.Supported
Launching hosted apps.CLI Only
Running a web server and launching apps on the web browser.Supported
Terminating a running app.CLI Only
InspectorDebugging an app on Web inspector.Supported
Debugging a JS service on Node inspector.CLI Only
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