Simulator Installation

Follow the procedure below to install Simulator.

Prepare for installation

Check if the system requirements and prerequisite are met before starting installation. Simulator may work even if the system requirements are not met but stability is not guaranteed.

System requirements

WindowsWindows 7 or higher (64bit only)
LinuxUbuntu 16.04 or higher (64bit only)
macOShigh sierra (10.13) or higher (64bit only)


Make sure that webOS TV CLI are installed on the PC. If not, go to CLI Installation and install webOS TV CLI first.

Step 1. Download Simulator

Download the Simulator corresponding to your OS and unzip it.

webOS TV 22 Simulator

Linux 64-bit

Windows 64-bit

macOS 64-bit

macOS 64-bit

webOS TV 6.0 Simulator

Linux 64-bit

Windows 64-bit

macOS 64-bit

  • webOS TV 6.0 Simulator for macOS 64-bit is compatible with macOS ARM64.

Step 2. Create a Simulator directory

Create a Simulator directory in the path of LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME. If theSimulator directory already exists, skip this step.

For how to check the path of LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME, see Check the environment variable .

Step 3. Place the unzipped directory under the Simulator directory

Place the unzipped directory in Step 1 under the Simulator directory created in Step 2.

For example, if the path of LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME is /home/user/tool/webos_tv_sdk/,
the path of the unzipped directory should be

Tip: Handling errors on Mac
  • If an unidentified developer related error occurs, go to System Preferences> Security & Privacy>General tab and click Allow on the bottom.
  • If a damaged related error occurs, check the path where the simulator app file is located and enter the following command. Replace "YOUR_PATH" with your own:
    xattr -cr /YOUR_PATH/webOS_TV_SDK/Simulator/webOS_TV_22_Simulator_1.1.1/
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