VS Code Extension Introduction

Caution: VS Code Extension Deprecation
We decided to no longer support VS Code Extension from March, 2024. We recommend that you use the webOS Studio instead.

If you are familiar with Visual Studio (VS) Code than the Eclipse IDE, you don't have to change your favorite editor to write an app for webOS TV. Continue using VS Code but now with an extension for webOS TV. To install the plugin, read the configuration section in the developer guide.

Supported features

The following table indicates what features are and are not supported on the VS Code extension.

CLI CommandFeatureSupported in VS Code Extension
ares-generateCreating an app from templatesYes
Creating JS service filesYes
Creating an appinfo.json fileYes
ares-packagePackaging an app in minify or non-minify modeYes
Packaging an app and js service into a pakage file (.ipk)Yes
Analyzing an app package fileNo
ares-setup-deviceAdding a target deviceYes
Modifying a target deviceYes
Removing a target deviceYes
Setting a target device as defaultYes
Searching for webOS devices in the same network with SSDPNo
ares-installInstalling an app on a target deviceYes
Uninstalling an app on a target device.Yes
Listing apps that are installed on a target deviceYes
ares-launchLaunching an app on a target deviceYes
Launching an app on a target device with parametersYes
Listing apps that are running on a target deviceYes
Terminating a running appYes
Launching an app without installationYes
Launching an app on the SimulatorYes
ares-inspectDebugging an app on Web InspectorYes
Debugging a JS service on Node InspectorYes
ares-serverRunning a web server and launching apps on the web browserYes
ares-novacomGetting a private key from a target deviceYes
Enabling port forwarding between a host PC and a target deviceNo
Running a command on the shell of a target deviceNo
ares-device-infoRetrieving the system information of a target deviceYes
Monitoring resource usage of a target deviceNo
ares-extend-devExtending the session time of the developer mode for the Developer Mode appYes