webOS Studio Installation

This article guides you on installing the webOS Studio extension for Visual Studio (VS) Code.

System requirements


Emulator-related features are not supported in Apple Silicon Mac.


Microsoft Visual Studio Code1.58.0 or higher
Node.jsv14.15.1 or higher (verified on v14.15.1 and v16.20.2)
Python3.6 or higher

Prepare for installation

Uninstall old webOS TV SDK


If you have not installed any webOS TV SDK tools before, skip this step and move to Install webOS CLI.

Before installing webOS Studio, UNINSTALL all the existing webOS TV SDK tools.

How to uninstall webOS TV Emulator

  1. Remove the virtual machine.
  • Windows

    a. Go to the Emulator/vX.0.0 directory, where X is the version to install.

    b. Run vm_remove.bat.

  • Linux

    Run the terminal and execute the following commands.

     $ cd /LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME_PATH/Emulator/vX.0.0
     $ ./vm_remove.sh
     $ sudo desktop-file-install webOS_TV_Emulator_vX.0.0.desktop
  • macOS

    Run the terminal and execute the following commands.

      $ cd /LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME_PATH/Emulator/vX.0.0
      $ ./vm_register.command
  1. Remove the path directory of LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME.

    a. Check the LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME variable using the echo command.

    • Windows
    • Linux or macOS

    b. Remove the directory.

    • Windows
    rmdir LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME_PATH  /s /q
    • Linux or macOS
  2. Remove environment variables.

    • Windows

      • Execute the following commands.

        set LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME=
        set WEBOS_CLI_TV=
      • Remove WEBOS_CLI_TV directory in the PATH.

        a. Click the Start button and type environment properties into the search bar.
        b. In the dialog box, click Environment Variables on the bottom right.
        c. In the Environment variables dialog box, under System variables, select Path and click Edit.
        d. Remove the directory which contains the WEBOS_CLI_TV directory.

    • Linux or macOS
      Remove the following lines at /etc/profile or /etc/zprofile.

      # Setting the LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME variable to the parent directory of CLI
      if [ -d "$LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME/CLI/bin" ]; then
        # Setting the WEBOS_CLI_TV variable to the bin directory of CLI
        export WEBOS_CLI_TV="$LG_WEBOS_TV_SDK_HOME/CLI/bin"
        # Adding the bin directory of CLI to the PATH variable
        export PATH="$PATH:$WEBOS_CLI_TV"

You can install these tools using Package Manager later.

Install webOS CLI

webOS Studio supports the same commands that webOS CLI (Command Line Interface) provides. Therefore, you must install webOS CLI before using webOS Studio. NOTE that if you have installed webOS TV CLI, you need to uninstall it first.

For how to install webOS CLI, see CLI Installation.

Install webOS Studio extension

To install the extension, launch VS Code and do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to View > Extensions.
  2. Search for webOS Studio in the search bar.
  3. Click the Install button.

Screenshot of installing webOS Studio extension

Then you will see the webOS Studio icon in Activity Bar. You can find installation and setup information also in webOS Studio | VS Code marketplace.

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