CLI Introduction

Caution: webOS TV CLI Deprecation
We decided to no longer support webOS TV CLI from March, 2024. We recommend that you use the webOS CLI instead.

The webOS TV CLI (Command Line Interface) provides a collection of commands used for creating, packaging, installing, and launching web apps in the command line environment. The CLI allows you to develop and test your app without using a specific IDE.


With the webOS TV CLI, you can install your apps on a target device, such as the simulator, emulator, or webOS TV device. Besides, you can retrieve, run, terminate, and remove the apps installed on the target device. You can use the CLI during any of the following stages of the development process:

The development process with the CLI


The following table shows the commands you could use:

aresProvides the help menu for using the ares commands
ares-generateCreates a web app from a template.
ares-packageCreates and analyses an app package file.
ares-setup-deviceManages the target devices.
ares-installInstalls an app on the target device.
ares-launchRuns or terminates the web app.
ares-inspectRuns the Web Inspector for web app debugging.
ares-serverRuns the Web server for testing local app files.
ares-novacomGets a private key from webOS TV for the Developer Mode app.

Retrieves a device's system information and monitors the device's resource usage.


Extends the session time of the developer mode for the Developer Mode app.

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