CLI Release Notes

  • webOS CLI is now distributed through npm. See CLI Installation for how to install.
New features
  • New command ares-config is added. By executing ares-config -c, you can check the current profile setting. If the profile is not set to tv, execute ares-config -p tv to change the profile to tv.
  • New option --simulator-path is added. Instead of setting environment variables, use this option to specify the path of the simulator.
Changed features
  • Command ares-device-info is changed to ares-device -i (--system-info).
  • Command ares-device-info -r (--resource-monitor) is changed to ares-device -r (--resource-monitor).
Removed features
  • Command ares-extended-dev is removed. The maximum Developer Mode session time is 1000 hours, and if you want to extent the session time in CLI, execute the following command.
    ares-launch com.palmdts.devmode -p extend=true -d DEVICE
Note: webOS TV SDK Release Notes
To see the previous release notes for the webOS TV CLI, visit webOS TV CLI Release Notes .
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