Simulator Release Notes

New features
  • The screen saver function is added.
    • Selecting Action > Screen Saver on the menu bar will show you the menu to turn on or off the screen saver and change the timeout delay.
    • The function to adjust the timeout delay exists only on the Simulator for development convenience. (It is not supported by TV devices.)
  • Media playback keys, which exist only on a conventional remote control, are added.
  • The update notification function is added.
    • When the Simulator is launched, if there is a new version released, a notification about the release is displayed.
Changed features
  • The UI of the JS Service List and App List is stabilized, and their window size is adjustable.
  • New URLs of the redesigned webOS TV Developer website are applied to the menu bar.
  • The function to examine errors of an app during the launch of the app is improved.
    • For example, if the requirements for appinfo.json are not met, the app will not be launched.
  • The private attribute is added to putKind of db8.
  • Only one media, regardless of whether it is video or audio, can be played at a time.
  • Playing of a media pauses when the app moves to background and resumes when it comes back to foreground.
Bugs fixed
  • Some functional errors of db8 are fixed.
  • The last part of the file name of the Simulator's AppImage file is changed from AppImage to appimage.
  • Abnormal behaviors of auto-reload in some apps are fixed.
  • icon, instead of largeIcon, is now required.
    • If both are provided, largeIcon is used for the icon, as the same as on a TV device.
Important notice
  • Upon the launch of this new-version Simulator, the data of db8 will be reset, because the internal structure of the database is changed.
Note: webOS TV SDK Release Notes
To see the previous release notes for the webOS TV SDK, visit Release Notes in the webOS TV SDK menu.
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