Release Notes

New features
  • The Simulator for macOS ARM64 is newly provided (not applicable for webOS TV Simulator 6.0).
    • The existing x86 simulator is compatible, but the new one shows better performance.
  • The function to turn on or off auto-reload is added.
  • The effect to recognize touches at the edge is added.
Changed features
  • The performance of the touch mode and portrait mode is stabilized.
  • The way of horizontal scrolling on the row of app icons at the bottom of the main screen is changed from dragging to mouse wheel scrolling or click on left/right button.
  • When the mouse pointer is placed on input tags, the shape of the pointer does not change.
  • While a button on the RCU is pressed, if the pointer moves outside the button, an up event occurs.
  • In touch mode, when the touch RCU appears upon edge swipe, the position of the touch RCU is fixed to the corner.
Bug fixed
  • (Previous known issue resolved) Dragging works properly with supportTouchMode:full().
  • (Previous known issue resolved) On Windows, launch parameters are properly delivered when an app is launched through CLI. (You should use the latest-version CLI.)
  • Fixed the issue where the font is not loaded in a redirect app
  • Fixed the issue where after hiding, the mouse pointer does not appear back occasionally
  • Fixed the issue where the virtual keyboard does not appear while the focus is moving between different inputs
Known issues
  • On Linux, if the Simulator loses the focus, the remote controller disappears.
webOS TV SDK Release Notes

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